Up north

I’ve already made some good progress on my summer bucket list. Over the weekend my partner and I went up to my family’s condo on Lake Huron and proceeded to have a near perfect trip full of all the quintessential summer things. I took a grand total of zero photos while there (living in the moment!) so allow me to recap via gifs.

We made the three hour trip to the lake late on Thursday to maximize our stay and wake up ready to relax on Friday morning. For our first full day at the beach, we started things off by cooking a big breakfast of french toast and veggie sausage, followed by a long beach walk. The condo is right on the beach, so we just head out the back and BOOM we’re on the beach. It’s wonderful.

The day had started out warm and clear, but by the time we returned from our walk, the clouds and wind had kicked up. In spite of the weather, I was itching to swim, so we raced inside, donned our bathing suits and ran back out into the lake. It was COLD but felt amazing after walking in the sticky, hot air. The rain started not long after, but a brief swim satisfied me for the time being.

The next day, we woke up to sunshine and heat. It was an excellent beach day and we spent the whole day alternating between laying in the sand and swimming, with short breaks back to the condo for food and bathroom breaks.

A little before dinnertime, the clouds started rolling in, so we left the beach for ice cream. There’s a great little outdoor ice cream stand with TONS of flavors within walking distance. The town is always pretty sleepy so we felt safe enough to mask up and go out for a cone.

We closed our evening by grilling some homemade lentil burgers and corn on the cob for dinner and then heading back to the beach for a bonfire and stargazing.

On our final day, the forecast predicted cooler temperatures, so we planned to just do a little reading on the beach before taking off for home. We didn’t get very far in our books before we realized the forecast was a lie, and the surprise hot weather demanded one last swim. It wasn’t long before the clouds took back over, but it was exactly the right way to cap off a much-needed beach trip. I can’t wait to go back and do it all over again.